Film Day - in English

On Saturday September 2nd 2023 the whole Turku watches films!

Come see films free of charge or arrange your own film screening!

What is Film Day?

Film Day transforms the Turku region into a huge filmscreen and gathers thousands to watch.

All the film screenings are brought to the audience by the different collaborators of Film Day and are free of charge to the audience. Films can be seen all day long in different places. How about a film in a church, a library, a cafe or in a garden? 

The film screenings can be arranged by any local company, association or a club. 

Reach new audiences with your own film screening

All companies, associations or clubs located in the Turku region can arrange their own film screening in cooperation with Scene. 

Providing an experience through film screening is a new exiting way to reach new customers and also showcase your  company, products or services. 


Arranging your own film screening is easy

The participation fee covers the screening rights of the film of your choice for the day, copy of the film for screening and marketing of the film screening as a part of the Film Day programme. The cost depends on the film of your choice but no worries – Scene will help you with the film choices, planning your screening event as well as organizing it.  

Approachable and free film screening is a great way to reach out to new customers  and sell your own products while doing it. 


Contacts us and let’s plan an unforgettable film experience together! 

Registration closes 2 weeks before the event.